New features on iPhoneX that are “borrowed” from rivals

So the latest generation of Apple iPhone has been launched together with the best iphone accessories. It is obvious that this launch is a special occasion for Apple to continue to show their differences compared to the rest of the mobile phone industry, as well as promising to continue to be a dominator that leads the mobile phone trend in the future.

Among the 3 iPhone generations that were introduced, it’s clear that the iPhone X – the model especially design to mark their 10th anniversary producing this phone line, is the best proof of it. With great breakthroughs from design to hardware, software, the iPhone X is clearly delivering a breath of fresh air for the entire lineup over the past decade. However, the iPhone X is not totally “new”, because many of the iPhone accessories Apple are proud to bring on this phone, turns out to have appeared on other phones long time ago.

The following points are collected by MaxChannel about the new features on iPhoneX that Apple were supposed to “learn” from other phone companies in the past to the present. Let’s go watch together..

iphone image 03

First of all, there is no button on the front design

iPhone X is actually a breakthrough iPhone in style when it was the first time Apple had removed the home button on the front of the machine. However, for other rivals this is “as old as the earth.” As of 2011, Nokia introduced the N9 with a front-bezel design, and then the Android manufacturers started moving the Home button away from the center, instead using three buttons Soft direction or capacitive touch. Some switch to full control on the screen.

Next is Gesture-based console

The absence of home button means that the iPhone 8 has to be redesigned interface to replace operations that rely on the previous home button, such as exit to the home screen, multitasking, or even swipe the screen from bottom up to unlock. Most of these gestures have been on the likes of Blackberry10, Nokia’s Meego, or Palm’s WebOS, in tabbed browsing.

The third thing we would like to mention is Wireless Charging

iPhoneX or iPhone 8 in general have been added wireless charging feature. But actually, this feature has been on the mobile for over 9 years, and Palm is the first manufacturer to start this trend. Basically, the way this feature works is not so different from the present: a charging cradle and a large metal wire coil will power a coil inside the phone. Even Palm is quite smart to add a magnet to attach the phone to the back of the charger even if the charging base is tilted.

Next as you see it is thin, large OLED screen.

Removing the Home button allows the iPhone to reach a higher screen ratio than a high-end camera and possesses a super-thin bezel. However, Apple still follows companies such as Xiaomi, Samsung and LG, which debuted the slim smartphone earlier that time. In addition, thanks to ultra-thin bezels, Apple can put larger screens into a smaller space than the iPhone 8 Plus.

The large screen allows you to read more, order more apps, watch videos and play better games, but many Android phones have surpassed that size even long ago, even four years ago, like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. 6.4 inches. Finally, the OLED screen on the iPhone X. It was actually applied to the phone since 2003 …, with the Samsung E700 (256-color OLED display). And obviously, it is not natural that APple has to rely on Samsung to make OLED screens for themselves. Excellent iPhone accessories can be found here.

And the outstanding feature that everyone can guess is Face Unlock

iPhone X has completely removed the traditional Home button with Touch ID, instead FaceID technology – help you unlock the screen by facial recognition. Another new feature that Apple brings, but can not surprise the world’s followers anymore. Android users have been experiencing this feature since 2011 with the Galaxy Nexus phone, but the face recognition still has a fatal weakness, and just a photo you can easily straighten on that weakness.

Apple’s bright spot, FaceID, overcomes this, but again, they are not the pioneers when Microsoft went ahead with Windows Hello in 2015 on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. Then to the Samsung with iris scanning or some of the domestic phones in Japan also have better biometric security technology.

And finally Camera with dual optical anti-shake

Actually, this problem is a bit hard to see as a “borrowing” point for iPhoneX. Because, although Samsung has released Note 8 a few days ago with similar features, it should be noted that the product development plan was long before it. However, for many inferiority, debuting after only one day is considered “tail”.


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